Sensei Essense

Offering an all-new, authentic-feeling massage technology comparable to human hands, featuring 5 major areas with 25 health care techniques and 32 massage programmes.


With ITSU, we not only offer a massage chair that tailors massages to suit your preferences and body type, but also customisable services. We have a range of colour choices available, allowing you to create a massage chair that is a perfect match for your personal style and décor.

32 Auto Programs

Extra long S & L Track

Zero Gravity Angle

Space Saving Design

S-Shaped 6 Wheels

Palm Massage Function

The ITSU Sensei Essence is the first in the industry to feature a palm massage function. Harnessing the power of pressured airbags, shiatsu movements stimulate corresponding acupressure points on the hands and palms, promoting blood circulation to strengthen the body’s inner strength. Simply slide your arms into the airbags, and let ITSU Sensei Essence do the work.

Body Type Detection

The massage chair is equipped with an intelligent body type detection function, allowing it to perform precise massages according to various body types. You and your family will be able to enjoy a unique massage program specially tailored to suit your unique body type, plus a rejuvenating full-body air compression experience offered by the built-in wraparound airbags.

"Gua Sha" Function​

ITSU Sensei Essence’s unique leg and foot “Gua Sha” scraping function is guaranteed to offer you an enjoyable experience with complementary airbags and massage rollers. Varying pressure and movements help the feet to relax, relieving fatigue and detoxifying the body. Blood circulation is improved, fully relaxing the body to prepare you for a good night of deep sleep.

Full Body Massage with 6 Rollers

The solid, 6-roller, flexible mechanical arms work to provide a comprehensive massage, supplemented with an S-shaped design that kneading and rubbing motions, increasing the massage area by 300%.

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