Pandora +

Just like the pro-sofa you’re uniquely stylish.

Nothing strikes Pandora’s box like ITSU’s footstool. What you discover inside might be unexpectedly pleasing and surprising at the same time. Pandora deliver precise acupuncture and pressure point massage  that stimulates  the human touch,  giving  you superior comfort and ultimate relaxation.

6 Auto Programs

Airbag Heat Therapy

Spot Massage Function

Tapping, Kneading, Rolling, Spot-tapping

3 Specially-Designed Auto Airbag Program

Includes Neck Massage

longer and wider coverage

With a long 1.22-meter massage track, it can help you to relax as it massage your body from neck onwards to your hips.

Finger-Rolling Motion

Experience the real sensei precision an touch through this finger rolling motion

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